Sometimes, we could all use a helping hand.

At Cortland Loaves and Fishes, we understand that everyone has ups and downs in their lives, and we don’t all reach the ups…or the downs at the same time.  That’s why since 1984 Cortland Loaves and Fishes has been here in Cortland County, providing free, nutritious meals and gentle hospitality for everyone who walks through the door whether they’re up or down, rich or poor…

no questions asked, no judgements passed.

If you feel the way we do, please consider sharing through the Cortland Loaves and Fishes Meal-A-Month program.  The concept is simple.  We ask that you consider donating the estimated cost of a meal for you and your family at a local restaurant once each month.  It doesn’t cost a lot to share a meal.

Please send your donations marked Meal-A-Month to:

Cortland Loaves and Fishes
13 Court Street
Cortland, NY 13045